Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Week in Food

This week was gastronomically fantastic. Starting today, I'll be going on a diet so my meals aren't going to be exciting, but here's the wonderful food that I enjoyed this past week.
LA Galbi in the streets of Jongno (Korean beef... no mad cow for me)

All you can eat mussels in Suyu (15000 for four people)

Mushroom fried rice near Seodaemun at Jaemin's Diner near Seodaemun

새마을 식당's fantastic pork and kimchi jjigae mixed with rice

BBQ at 새마을 식당 in Suyu

골뱅이무침 (sea snails and deliciousness) at Beer Monster near Korea University

두부김치 (Tofu and Kimchi) at Beer Monster

Mixed noodles near City Hall

Menu at a fantastic birthday party

Pizza at Mad for Garlic in Gwanghwamun

Overpriced spaghetti at Mad for Garlic

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