Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seoul's greenery

The weather has been ridiculously fantastic lately. Almost too hot. Summer is probably the worst season of Korea, but right now I'm enjoying the warm weather of spring and the crazy amount of flora in the streets of Seoul.

Although I wouldn't say Seoul is the greenest city in the world, there are some spots that are really nice. Children's Grand Park, Seoul Forest, and Olympic Park come to mind. Wikipedia has a list of parks in Seoul so you can find the one closest to your neighborhood. Up here in Suyu we have North Seoul Dream Forest, which I haven't been to since the flowers started blooming. I'll have to check it out again. 

 What I am really enjoying, however, is just wandering around the back alleys in my neighborhood and all of the flora I see. For some reason, most Seoulites want to live in the giant apartments of Seoul. Of course, they provide probably better services, more reliable electricity, cleaner facilities, but the small two-story villas are so much more appealing to me. A lot of them have patios and and backyards, and in the spring time they are bursting with flowers and trees. My walk home from school is down one of these narrow alleys with a view of beautiful Bukhansan, which everday becomes greener and greener. I love spring. Almost as great as the beauty of a Korean fall.


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