Monday, May 14, 2012

MT (Memership Training)

I was invited to join my Korean class for membership training (NT) north of Seoul this past weekend. I was really confused about what this would entail, mostly because we don't have membership training in the states, and certainly don't call it MT. Konglish can be confusing sometimes...

The house we stayed at up in northern Gyeonggi Province

Apparently, it is just an excuse to get together, play games, and drink. I like all three of these things. Combine that with getting out of the big city and into some fresh air ... 나이스.  I was a little nervous since I didn't know anyone that well in the group, but it really was a good way to bond and meet new people (both foreigners and Koreans). We started out with some silly relay games and a scavenger hunt (I won a piggy bank) then continued with preparing dinner. It took WAY too long to cook dinner, but I guess it really made us appreciate the meal once we had finished it. We made some dumplings by hand and our group was in charge of the curry (Korean style).

Peeling a potato
Dinner gave us all bigger smiles
 The evening was then spent in a very Korean-style night of drinking and drinking games. I had played a few Korean drinking games before, but nothing to the extent of what was going on on Saturday night. One great thing about Korean drinking games is they always seem to have an opening song/dance, which you can see in this video.  If you look at our table, you can see how much beer and soju was being consumed...

We played may 20 different games that night, including the ever popular nunchi game and the fun, but infuriating, 3-6-9 game. My favorite game was definitely Bunny Bunny.

Note: That's not me or anyone I know... just random people playing the best game ever.

So after a night of drinking we all crashed on the floor of the pension. I'm sure I snored, but I got a pretty good night's sleep. I would love to do MT again or just rent a pension somewhere in the countryside and spend a weekend with some good friends, good food, and good games. ^^

Goodbye cute pension!

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