Monday, May 21, 2012

Muuido Island Weekend!

와! I finally had a chance to go to Muuido out near Incheon airport. My friends had gone back in 2009, but I never had the chance. Some of the Suyu crew had arranged an outing and I tagged along. What a weekend!

Here we come!
 The island was a blast, even if the beach was a bit dirty. There were a lot of foreigners staying in huts on the beach, which were pretty cheap (only 30,000 for the night in a room that could comfortably fit 3 or 4 people). Since there wasn't much swimming, it was more of a day of chatting with friends and laying in the sun. Sound good to me!

Catie and her beer buried in the sand
One of the best parts of the beach was how fast and how far the tide went out. We walked out a good 200 meters when the tide was low; there were lots of crabs and shells and other great things. Cameron was even able to walk on water.

Cameron is walking on water

The landscape of the island was beautiful. Cameron pointed out that if this island was two hours from New York, it would be full of time shares. I asked some of the teachers at my school if they had been to Muuido, and only a couple have made the trip.

Dried dogfish

The food, beach, and accommodation were all pretty cheap. The only problem was that it was quite a hike to get out there... first, you had to take the subway to Incheon airport, go up to the third floor bus station, take bus 222 to the ferry, the ferry to the island, and then a bus to the beach. We took bus 302 toward the ferry, which added a little bit of a walk. No problem, it was worth the two and a half hour trip.

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