Sunday, May 6, 2012

School BBQ

In the US, work life and personal life tend to be two very distinct things. You normally wouldn't go out all night with your co-workers, especially not with your boss, and on the weekend you probably wouldn't want to come in to work. It is a little different here in Korea, and although it has some negative aspects (like learning about a company dinner five minutes before it happens and still be expected to attend) it also has a lot of fun moments.

This Saturday was one of those moments. I'm in the school's orchestra (I play the horn) and we had a pork belly BBQ as an orchestra. Students and teachers were hanging out, grilling sam-gyeop-sal, chatting and just enjoying the weather. The conductor decided to do this event for Children's Day (May 5th in Korea) and I'm glad she invited me as well. It was nice to see the students outside of the stressful classroom/hagwon environment and take some time to just enjoy barbecuing outside.

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