Sunday, May 20, 2012

Duck at 회식

I love going out to dinner with my school (회식 in Korean), even if they do tend to invite me at the very last minute, which means I often have to leave early because I have other plans. This Friday, we went to 우이동, which is about twenty minutes west of Suyu, and enjoyed some quality duck at the foot of the mountains.

My office head and me

BBQing our duck

With some mashed potatoes

The duck!

We ate a huge amount of duck, and had some beer as well. Dinner was followed by some rice porridge, which was also quite tasty.

This are of Seoul, 우이동, is beautiful. It is right near the mountain and feels like you are far from the hustle and bustle that is downtown Seoul. It is close to a university, so apparently a lot of students go here for membership training. I would love to come back with some friends and spend the night, even if it is ridiculously close to my actual home. A bunch of buses go from Suyu to 우이동 including 153.

Who says Seoul doesn't have green spaces?

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