Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Weekend in Food

Another delicious weekend. Since I was in Jeonju, the food was especially delicious. Especially the banchan. Banchan are the side dishes that come with Korean food, and all of the banchan in Jeonju were fantastic. Our first meal on Friday was just some makkeoli with tons of delicious banchan. Check out this spread:

The meal included skate, Spanish mackerel, mackerel, octopus, raw oysters, fish paste soup, quail eggs, kimchi pancake, various greens, some sort of grass dish (which the ajjuma spoon-fed to Andie), some sort of mucus covered vegetable (not the best), and a salad. All of this for about fifteen dollars. Since there were three of us, that only meant a five dollar meal. And that included the drink. Awesome.

Jeonju is particularly famous for their bibimbap, so of course we had to try that. It really was better than the bibimbap you find in Seoul and the banchan they served with it were delicious as well. I might have to go back to Jeonju just for the food alone!

On Sunday, we went to the cherry blossom festival in Dongdaegu and there were also a lot of amazing culinary things going on. I loved the look of this roasted pig on the spit, but unfortunately we didn't get to try it. They also had whale, which saddened me and, even worse, piqued my interest in the meat. I would never eat an endangered animal, but now I'm just wondering what they taste like. I can restrain myself.



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