Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Joys of Eating in Tents (Pajangmacha)

Pojangmacha (포장마차) are some of my favorite places to eat in Korea. These tents were originally just cheap food for workers, but compare to the recent increase and professional recognition of food trucks in the states. Seriously, you can get some excellent grub for a decent price at one of these tents. Nothing is better than snacking on chicken gizzards, grilled eel, and clams, drinking soju, and sitting on a plastic stool. Well, at least that sounds pretty ideal to me.

Of course, not all tents are created equal. Two of my friends introduced me to this specific tent, which I will be re-visiting in the not so distant future. First up was gizzard, which in Korean has the unfortunate name of 'chicken poop house' (닭똥짐). While the name is definitely not appetizing, the chewiness of the chicken and hot peppers makes it a great accompaniment to a glass of soju.

After our 'first course' we continued with grilled eel on a bed of sesames leaves. I think I've had raw eel before, but this was my first time eating it grilled with sesames leaves. This was seriously one of the best fish dishes I've had. I can't wait to eat it again / introduce it to all my friends.

This picture does not give this dish justice...

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