Wednesday, April 25, 2012

수유 사랑! (Suyu Love)

I love Suyu. I've been living in this northern part of Seoul for about 8 months now, and it just makes me so happy to walk around our neighborhood. It has everything you need: restaurants, bars, noraebangs, young people, hotels, saunas... you name it.

When I got there back in August, I was a little disappointed. My first year in Korea was in downtown Kangnam, which is one of the busiest parts of new southern Seoul. I was a block away from some of the best Mexican food in Seoul and down my street was the delicious, albeit expensive, Tea Purple coffee shop. Life was good. Getting to Suyu, everything looked a little drab. Until I walked down what us waygookin's affectionately refer to as 'Neon Alley' after the sun had gone down.

Super Asian

This was taken last night on a rainy Wednesday, and it was still swarming with people heading to bars and restaurants. And little old me trying to find a quick snack for dinner. Neon Alley has some really good restaurants, including the best dalk galbi I've had in Korea, as well as some of the famous chain restaurants. On the other side of the main intersection in Suyu is what I like to call nostalgia alley, with some 1980s era restaurants as well as the cheapest well-made coffee I've found in Seoul. 2500 for an iced americano that has actually been hand-roasted? And includes an extra shot of espresso if you need the caffeine? Yes, please. On the main drag you can find a lot of international restaurants, including an Outback (gross), McDonalds (maybe ok when you are drunk) and Italian and Vietnamese restaurants.

There are also tons of markets surrounding the main area of Suyu station (수유역). I should leave that for another post with lots of pictures and a map, because there are a LOT. I can think of at least five within a ten-minute walk from exit 5...

The number of foreigners living in Suyu is actually surprisingly high. I think in my building alone there is probably twenty. It is a pretty friendly crowd and there is nothing better than sitting outside a Mini Stop with a beer on a warm day and having a nice and easy conversation with native English speakers; you don't want your English to get too rusty. 

Since we are somewhat close to Nowon, people tend to think we are up in the boons. Yes, it would be a little nicer to live closer to the city. But being on line 4 is super convenient. 12 minutes to Sungshin University (great for buying women's clothing), 15 minutes to Daehak-ro, with all of its amazing theaters as well as decent, and ever-improving, night life, and 18 minutes to Dongdaemun. It used to take me an hour to get to Dongdaemun from Kangnam.

I guess that's enough of my pride for now. If you are being placed around Suyu, don't worry. It is a great place to live. If you are up bopping around in the northern part of Seoul, meet a friend in Suyu for what surely will be a good day or night.

If you are real lucky, you'll run into this guy selling chicken


  1. Suyu Crew 011-012 REPRESENT!!!

    Seriously, our neighborhood is one of Seoul's residential hidden gems.

  2. Hi, I just moved to Suyu from Incheon. I was wondering where do the expats you've met hangout? I know there is alot places in the alleys near the subway but I've not really seen any foreigners. Anyways if you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks!

    1. Hey,
      A lot of people hang out in front of the Family Mart straight out of exit 5 when the weather is good... I would check out the Suyu Crew facebook page.