Sunday, April 29, 2012

Advertising through music videos in Korea

This ad popped up while watching stuff on youtube today. It is pretty ridiculous. Particularly the chorus. O-raen-ji fanta! Pa-i-nae-peul fanta! Po-do fanta! It does kind of make me want a fanta...

This isn't the only time they've used K-pop to advertise products. LG's Chocolate phone had their own music video (and a sexy one at that) this time performed by the ever-popular Girl's Generation. The chorus was pretty catchy. Chocolate Love was often heard in clubs when it originally came out.

Chocolate Love doesn't really make me think of cellphones, but inter-racial relationships. Is that just me?

Big Bang and 2NE1, two groups I really like, also made a song and music video promoting the Lollipop cell phone. Aptly named Lollipop, the song was a big hit. Plus, the outfits in this music video inspire my wardrobe today.

I also really liked this Son Dambi and After School music video that was all about Samsung's AMOLED phone. The first time I heard this song, I really liked it but did not understand what the heck they were singing about. Then I realized it was an advertisement. Still, I heard this song a lot in clubs back in 2010.

 Are these phone commercials jingles or legitimate songs?

This beer music video / commercial is pretty interesting as well. The dance includes making the X's of the 2X Cass Beer. X bringing up images of the so-called X-line that some women strive for in Korea (and if you want to read more about the X-line, check out The Grand Narrative (one of the best blogs about Korea)). I like the music video though because it includes one of my favorite Korean actors: Lee Min Ho.

All of these music videos are pretty smart advertising. Not only are the songs earworms, but they also can be purchased. And you get tons of free advertisements from clubs and bars that play your songs.

I doubt the Fanta song will have the popularity of these other cell phone songs. It just isn't as catchy. Also, singing a song about cell phones may be cool, but singing about drinking Fanta instead of going to school is just, well, lame.

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