Monday, April 23, 2012

Champion Weekend in Food

This weekend was pretty fantastic food-wise. First of all, we had 회 (hoe), which is Korean raw fish. It also came with sushi. 맛있어요 (delicious).
Sushi and cold kimchi soup

Some sea squirt, fish with bean sprouts, gross corn, seaweed soup

Fried fish

Shrimp and oysters with cheese

Tasty crab

The main dish!
The next evening a good friend made a delicious meal. It must have taken him hours to cut up all the vegetables in the thin strips. I love the pickled radish slices that you roll the vegetables and eggs in. He served it with Korean beef stew. Awesome.
Good job Gi-eung!
Sunday afternoon I had a pretty good lunch at my favorite dingy restaurant in Itaewon. Kimchi jjigae and spicy fried squid. Unfortunately, the aunts that normally cook dinner weren't working, but the uncle did a good job.
Sunday evening finished with a healthier dish- vegetarian well-being buffet. I've been to this restaurant before (straight out of exit 4 of 답십리) and I recommend it. Really cheap and plenty of toppings to make your own bowl of brown rice bibimbap. They also have soups, teas, and mock duck. Delicious.

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