Monday, June 11, 2012

Yum yum

On Memorial Day (last Wednesday) I went to my friend Jinnie's house for a samgyeopsal (basically bacon) barbeque. Jaemin and Cameron were there so it was quite a fun time and the food was amazing. We had tons of meat, so we probably continuously ate for some four hours. Followed by some tuna kimchi jjigae. 
Tuna kimchi jjigae!
Thursday night found us in Itaewon for a friend's birthday and some delicious food at one of my favorite restaurants in Itaewon. After dinner, we went to Dillinger's for a game of trivia where we won best team name.

Tofu kimchi and marinated pork

Free shots for best team name

Trying some new ramyeon... this one is pretty good

Fried calamari with a great batter

Spicy chicken sandwich with an iced coffee. Fantastic brunch

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