Sunday, June 17, 2012


At home eating homemade
 It seems like I eat way too much mulnaengmyeon... I just can't help it during the summer!

This mulnaengmyeon was made with green tea noodles

Stir-fry over at Magaly's
 This next one is something I've never had before: kong kuksu (콩국수). A traditional summer food, kong kuksu is pretty much noodles in cold soy milk with some cucumbers and sesame seeds. It was a little bland, but I was still excited to try something new. The soup was seasoned with sugar or salt (on an individual basis I guess the choice of seasoning is based on your hometown).

With one of my coteachers 
 The next pictures are all from a Tibetan restaurant near Jongkak. We tried a bunch of different things, including a Tibetan rice wine which was somewhat similar to makkeoli.

This stuffed bread was great

And finally, something that I was working on myself. I made these sesame leaves the other day. I'll put up a recipe later this week. It was pretty simple and definitely delicious.

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