Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Reason to love Korea

I lost my wallet a couple of weeks ago. Not in the way you would think (as in drunk in Hongdae at four in the morning). No, I was having an innocent pizza in a park with some friends and had taken my wallet out of my pocket because it was bothering my butt. I must have left it in the park, because when I got home it wasn't to be found. Koreans are known for not stealing, so I ran back to the park to find it was gone. Sadness ensued.

I had to cancel all my cards and, since I'm stupid, both of my driver's licenses were in the wallet (Korean and American). I had to re-apply for my alien registration card and get a new bank card in Korea, which made me miss work. But then yesterday I looked in my mailbox to find this.

Sorry that this picture is so scary, but I was just so happy to get my license back. My money was stolen (some 50,000 won), but all of my cards were still there. Thanks so much Korea! I know this isn't an isolated incident as other friends have had similar stories. If you lose your wallet, obviously cancel your cards. Don't give up hope, though, since it might one day be returned when you least expect it. 

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  1. That's a relief! I thank that person who returned some important cards to you. Money can always come back. Miss you, my friend.