Sunday, June 24, 2012

음식 음식 음식!

 Had some great morsels this week. First up is one of the 반찬 from my school lunch. The gym teacher at my school is an awesome cook. She had these garlic stems pickling in soy sauce and vinegar for a year. Delicious.

I, on the other hand, am not such a great chef. I tried to make steamed spicy peppers (고추찜), but they didn't turn out the best. They look pretty though. 

Since they weren't that great, I used them to make chili fried rice. I was proud of this dish ^^

Lately, I've been buying packaged meals at the grocery store. They still require some work, but I was able to make 초밥 at home. These are sweet tofu skins filled with seasoned rice.

Thursday night, some of Suyu crew went out for lamb (양고기) at a Chinese restaurant. This meat was DELICIOUS. We will have to go back home soon.

On Friday night, I met up with my uncle who was in Seoul for business. We went out for raw tuna and had an amazing meal (as well as a great chat).

My uncle and I
Sometimes when I'm feeling a little hungover, I like to get toast at the best toast restaurant in Seoul. Of course, that would be Campus Toast in Suyu. I'm going to miss this place next year.

We got toast on Sunday morning as well, but this time from the new brunch place in Suyu  (which to this day, has not yet had brunch). Apparently, they will start serving paninis on Tuesday, but we'll see if they actually materialize.

Another great find was Pinch Pennies Pizza in Mia. We randomly stumbled onto this New York style diner so I don't remember how to get there. It was some of the best pizza I've ever had in Seoul, however, so we will be going back. Next time, I'll write down some directions. Seriously, this pizza was amazing. 18 inches for only 15,000 won.

Magaly serving it up
The last meal of the weak was dalk galbi (닭갈비) in Suyu. Fabulous meals with some fabulous people. 

Enjoying that chicken!
Seaweed soup

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