Thursday, March 15, 2012


One thing I'm really going to miss if I ever leave Korea is ramyeon. I was never a big ramyeon eater in the states, or even my first year in Korea, but now I eat it at least once a week. It is just such a perfect lazy food.
Lazy at home? Obviously the one food you are stocked up on is ramyeon. Boil some water, throw the noodles and seasoning in, and enjoy. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can add some egg and green onions.
Lazy at home but without any ramyeon? Head to your local convenience store and buy some cup ramyeon. After a couple of seconds of water from the hot spigot and about two minutes cooking time you have a delicious noodle dish. Mmmm.
Lazy in the street? I really love going to little student-catered restaurants for some ramyeon. Especially because they can make it with a little bit of class. Cheese ramyeon? Sounds gross, but is amazing. Mandu ramyeon? Who doesn't want dumplings in their noodles?
Luckily, the US has been importing real ramyeon and you can find Shin Ramyeon (my favorite) at Cub Foods. Otherwise I could never leave.

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