Sunday, March 4, 2012

Last Day in Hong Kong: View from the Peak Tram

Our last day in HK was spent at a slower pace. We got some food and then headed off to the Peak Tram for some great views of the Hong Kong Island. The Peak Tramway is a funicular that goes from Central to Victoria Peak and is apparently quite popular. We had to wait in line for quite some time, but it was worth the good views. Before the installation of the funicular was finished in 1926, people would have to get to Victoria Peak either on foot or by sedan, which seems like a hellish amount of work for the chair-carriers. Being packed in a tram seems, at least for me, a much better way to travel.

We decided to walk down from Victoria Peak, since I had forgotten my tram ticket, but I think we all enjoyed the walk. The flora in Hong Kong is remarkably different than Seoul and it seems to be quite a nature friendly city. The weather was also phenomenal, although we had a lot of fog and that seems like that is often the case. All in all I loved Hong Kong. A lot of different cultures were mixed together yet there was also a very Chinese feel to the city, probably because 95% of the residents are Han Chinese. The meals we had were fantastic, and I hope that mainland China has such great food. The people really made the trip fun, however, as they were always kind and welcoming. As a short three hours from Seoul, I hope I can come back for a weekend trip soon.
My view from Victoria peak but check out this fog-less one.

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