Monday, March 26, 2012

Food Weekend

I know that I should be going back to the states soon to go back to graduate school and start a real career. It is really hard, though, when Seoul is throwing me all these amazing meals. I live to eat, so life in Korea has been treating me really well.
Our school had 회식, dining out, on Thursday and we went to this amazing duck restaurant near my house in Suyu. Seriously, it was fantastic. The only problem was they gave us so much food. Smoked duck with mustard has to be one of the best flavor combinations in the world.

One of the 반찬, side dishes, was raw soy-sauce crab. This is one of the few foods I haven't liked in Korea. Whenever it presents itself, however, I try to eat it. I figure if I expose myself to the flavor enough, I'll start to enjoy it. This seems to be working, as I didn't not like it this time (I still didn't enjoy it). Considered a Korean delicacy, I am ashamed that my palate can't enjoy this dish for what it is.
Raw soy crab
Dinner was followed by karaoke and a bar, which was a great way to get to know some of the new teachers at my school. Of course, the youngest people stayed out the latest which made me happy. Earlier in the night, some of the older teachers were kind of making me uncomfortable with their excessive drinking and forceful manners (such as not letting some of the younger female teachers head home for the night when it was obvious they were tired and wanted to go home).
The next night, Friday, a bunch of friends came to Suyu and we had some delicious dalk galbi (닭길비) which is basically a huge dish of sweet/spicy chicken and noodles cooked in front of you.  One of my new favorite dishes, 막극수, was also available on the menu so I enjoyed that as well. Cold buckwheat noodles with mustard, eggs, and vegetables. Delicious.
Mmmm, healthy and delicious
Saturday was a little less exciting culinary-wise, but Sunday morning served up a delicious meal at Noodle Box. A chain found in Gangnam, Itaewon, Hongdae and Sincheon, the premise is pretty simple: noodles in a box. There isn't that much choice either, with only seven main dishes. However, the tastes are spot on. I got pad thai and BH got spicy Mongolian noodles. Sitting there munching on our noodles, I couldn't help but think how boring it must have been back in the day when everyday you had to eat the same old meat and potatoes. Ah, the pleasures of living in a big Asian city!

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