Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hong Kong: Po Lin Monastery, Tian Tan Buddha and the Night Market

The second day in Hong Kong was spent at the colorful Po Lin Monastery. Located on Lantau Island, the monastery was a subway and a dizzying bus ride from Central Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the weather was once again quite foggy, but that also added an interesting dimension to the pictures we took. Built in 1906, the monastery isn't super old, but is adjacent to the Tian Tan Buddha, which is one of the world's largest bronze Buddha statues. Sitting at some 112 feet tall, it can apparently be seen from Macau on clear days. Katrina is a Buddhist, and she helped explain some of the history of philosophy of Buddhism. Pretty great setting to get a lesson on Buddhism! Such a lovely day trip from Hong Kong.
Kind of digging the fog

One of the statues around the Big Buddha (The Offering of the Six Devas)

Buing buinging at the temple
Getting back to Kowloon, we spent the evening exploring the night market and trying to get some good deals on cheap goods. I bought a couple of souvenirs for BH, but didn't want to buy too much. My apartment is way too small and cluttered right now! I can't wait till I have a place big enough to put random ceramics and decorative piece.

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