Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dream Forest, Seoul 꿈숲

Less than a ten minute walk from my school is this great park that I only just took the time to visit. Located close to Suyu station, in BeonDong, the park is great for just a relaxed day and a picnic lunch. Which is exactly what we did. I met up with Dan, we picked up a fried chicken, and we found a spot to eat and enjoy the warm spring weather (which, unfortunately, has since disappeared). It was a holiday, so the park was packed but it didn't ruin the experience.
Can't wait for that grass to get green
Being Seoul, this wasn't just a place to enjoy nature. There was also a couple of museums in the park as well as a funicular up the mountain to an observatory. Apparently, some episodes of Iris were filmed here. In the observatory tower you can match up where you are standing with various mountain peaks, including my neighborhood's beautiful Bukhan Mountain.
D in the tower
Although Seoul is not the greenest city, there are a few good places here and there to go if you need a break from the highrises and traffic-choked streets. Being so central, and ridiculously close to my house, I am sure I'll have a couple more picnics and/or beers at Seoul Forest.

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