Monday, March 28, 2011

Strumica, Macedonia

A couple of weeks ago, BH was invited to a Deaf festival in Eastern Macedonia. Our savings are running a little low, but we figured we could go for the weekend. I finished Bulgarian language classes on Friday, and we left at 3:30 to catch the bus that leaves daily from Sofia to Strumica. Our friends picked us up at the airport, and we had a ‘Macedonian’ dinner. Last time our Macedonian friends brought us out for Macedonian food they gave us pizza. This time it was pizza and pasta. We still haven’t had a traditional Macedonian meal! 
BH was brave and decided to just point at something random on the money, but he ended up with liver. Sad. 
Who doesn't want worms?
Dinner was followed by some quick sight-seeing. Strumica is a really ugly city. I would not recommend going to Strumica for the sake of Strumica. Luckily, this was just the first stop on our trip.
Pedestrian Area

Goltse Delchev
Ugly Tree

We ended up at a café downtown in a mall that apparently never closes. We got there at around 11, and it was pumping. In a kind of gross way. Music from all the different restaurants and bars were mixing together in an awful way. Pop-folk and techno do not mix. I was sort of a tuckered out guy, and eventually we left. We headed an hour south to the city of Bogdancia to spend the night with our Deaf friends from Macedonia.


  1. Hi!
    First of all, you are stupid enought to understand the Balkan style of live. Who the f..k are you to judge about ugliness (ugly city, tree...)? You f...r, don't deserve to have friends in Macedonia. Long live in stupidness, mother f....r

    1. Well, I visited a bunch of other places in Macedonia that I did find beautiful: especially Ohrid. I wrote pretty nice things about Skopje as well. And the village that I stayed in north of Strumica was lovely. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.