Monday, March 28, 2011

Deaf Festival in SE Macedonia

Saturday morning’s breakfast was delicious. French toast with an eggplanty – peppery spread. And it was spicy. It was similar to the red pepper sauce called lutinica in Bulgaria. I asked our friends’ mother how to make it and she gave me the recipe. However, this was for like 20 kilograms of sauce (I’m assuming to jar and use all year long). I’ll try to figure out a simpler recipe. 
Similar sauces at a grocery store in Macedonia
 The first part of the Deaf Festival was a soccer game in a town close to Bogdanica. It was an indoor match, which was slightly a shame, because the weather was amazing. I think the original plan was much larger than the actual turnout, but there were three teams from Macedonia and one from Greece. Better than nothing. 
Super Fans!

We watched the games for a while, but after a bit, we headed back to the house and our friend, Z, gave us both haircuts. I don’t think BH was especially happy with his, but I really enjoy my new cut. And it was only 3 dollars. Wonderful. I also walked around Bogdanica for a bit. Eastern Macedonia is not really a tourist destination. It was great, however, to just get away from the bigness and grossness of Sofia and enjoy the calm country life. 

Saturday night was the actual festival. I thought it was going to be a big celebration with dancing, but it was a little disappointing. It was pretty formal, and the social interaction at our table was a little awkward at first. Or maybe I was just awkward. There was a lottery at the end, but I didn’t win. Shame.
A big group of us went to the one dance club in the city afterward at the casino. Since Bogdanci is close to the border with Greece, there were a bunch of casinos. In one of them, there was a pretty good dance club. Sipping uzo (Greek anise-flavored alcohol) and chatting with the younger Deaf people was a great end to the day and the festival.    

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