Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bulgarian Birthday

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday, March 5th, by having a little get together at my place. We had just gotten back from Ukraine, and apparently a lot of the Fulbrighters were currently in another town for weaving. While we had a great party for BH, mine turned out to be somewhat of a bust. A handful of people showed up. One of my presents, however, made me feel much better. A homemade bottle of rakia (Bulgarian whiskey). A couple of shots of rakia, and although there weren't many people at my party, I didn't really care. However, I did make a resolution that for my future birthdays, I will try to do something I have never done before. Like skydive or scuba dive, or some other sort of diving.
BH got me a gym membership for my birthday (ouch!) so this means going to the gym and getting fit. Dieting, working out, and living more frugally. It's like New Year's all over again!

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