Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final Exam and Presentation

I finished up my Bulgarian class on Friday. It went by pretty quickly. Three weeks, five days a week, five hours a day. 60 course hours.
I started the class really unsure and awkward. I'm still unsure and awkward. But hopefully less so. And I definitely met some nice people. Like me, they want to learn Bulgarian, so outside of class we mostly spoke Bulgarian. I still have a LOT of vocabulary to learn if I want to be able to have decent conversations. It will be weird to finish this class. March was the first time I was actually busy this year. It was a nice change.
I also had to give a presentation in Bulgarian. I decided to talk about the political party I'm studying in Sofia, and what research I plan on doing in the future. This may sound difficult, but, luckily, a lot of the political words are very similar to their English counterparts. I showed the survey that I am working on as well, and they gave me some much needed feedback. April, here I come!

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