Monday, September 27, 2010

A taste of Asia

A friend from Boston College, Laura, who is also on a Fulbright, came to visit me in Sofia over the weekend. We were wandering around, trying to find a place to eat, and noticed a sign for Chinese food. Since neither of us had eaten Chinese in a while, we went in. Lemon chicken and cashew chicken. Delicious.

While we were eating, there was someone in the basement playing Fur Elise relentlessly, maybe around ten times while we were eating. Although our server was Bulgarian, with, I must say, remarkable English, I had this image of the poor Chinese boy downstairs. Whenever customers came in to eat, his parents would force him to practice, show off his skills and set a nice atmosphere for the guests upstairs. And he still had a lot of homework to finish. :-(
The food was decent. It tasted like American-Chinese food. Except the cashew chicken was WAY too salty. Bulgarians do love their salt. C'est la vie. It made for good leftover stir-fried rice the next morning.

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