Friday, September 24, 2010

A perk to living in a small country

The other night, I went out with my friend Azer. I randomly met this guy two years ago at Harvard when Stanishev was still the Prime Minister of Bulgaria. Who knew we'd meet again in Sofia? Anyways, we went out to a local club because there was some sort of Wednesday night party.
Azer is a pretty good connection. He knows a lot of people in Bulgaria, and apparently a lot of important people. He introduced me to a lot of new folks, and afterward would mention what they did. I met maybe seven famous Bulgarians in under two hours at one club.
Can you imagine that every happening in the states? Its way too big. The celebrities would be all over the country, and in various clubs.  And they probably wouldn't be that interested in meeting a visiting scholar.
My favorite person was introduced as Maria. We got our picture taken later.

Apparently she is one of the most famous Bulgarian pop-singers.
Pretty friendly for a pop-star. How come I never met any K-pop artists?

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