Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Subway Friends

Laura and I decided to go out after a lil' drinking game on Saturday night involving the card game rummy. Our plan was to meet my friends either at Mojito or Alcohol Club (very one-track mind with these club names...) After our taxi tried to overcharge us, we decided to walk.
We ran into two girls and a guy who decided to help us find the clubs. The guy spoke English, but the two girls didn't. They all were university students and worked at Subway. When they asked what I did, I mentioned I was studying the Movement for Rights and Freedoms. The guy did not like this. His politics were definitely quite different than mine, but I really didn't want to discuss it. It was Saturday night!
When we finally arrived at the club, there was a cover, so we decided to just go out with our new Subway friends. They brought us to a little pizza parlor where we struggled to communicate, mixing Bulgarian, English, and French.
The next morning, Laura and I decided to visit them at Subway. She really wanted turkey, and as luck would have it, Subways around the world are the same. Except for corn...

Who wants corn on their sub? Then again, who wants corn on their pizza? Bulgarians do love their corn...
After a stop at Subway and Starbucks, I brought Laura to the bus-stop, had a long Skype date with Byeong-Hun and then went for a long walk around the city. I managed to get lost, which was nice, but then right at the moment I asked for help, I saw the tall building near my apartment. It was a gorgeous night for a walk on Sunday. In fact, the weather here has been great. Take that rainy Korea.
Back to my Subway friends. Yesterday, I went to meet them in the evening at 8 pm. I must have got the time wrong, because they weren't finished till 9 pm. At 9, one of the girls and I had a jilted Englarian conversation about my life in Sofia, and pretty much how I don't really have very many friends yet. After about an hour, she had to run off to her boyfriend and I was left without plans.
I feel like I'm being too earnest about making friends. I've been meeting people, and then kind of being a little persistent about seeing each other quickly again. I think maybe it is a good idea to back off and slow it down... I'll have friends eventually. Right?


  1. Definitely no friends for you. You're kinda an introvert and all, sort of hard to talk to and don't really do very many interesting things in your life...

    NOT. Mawkie you'll make tons of friends silly
    p.s. Subway and Starbucks? I'm so surprised you didn't go to some random restaurant and get liver mush!!!

  2. HaHa to little Anna's comments. I imagine it is a different setting for you as you are not going to classes and do not have a regular job. That makes it take longer to make friends. You sound like you have been doing a lot with others already though. Besides, a person only needs a few good friends - not dozens and dozens like you always have. When does Byeong Hun arrive?

  3. Markie!! You have friends all over the world! you will make plenty..sometimes meeting quality people takes time-everywhere,dont get discouraged... miss you little brother. Cant wait to see you on my special day! So happy you will be there, it wouldnt be complete without you! Corn on subway sounds kinda good by the way-weird pregnancy thing maybe :) miss you! love sister sarah