Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fire and Dinosaurs

Whoever thought up street theater is brilliant. What's not to love? They are pretty much free. Sure, you can give a couple of bucks, but you are under no obligation. They are outside. Unless you have photophobia, that's good news. And they are allowed to do crazy things. Like throw fire around. Or dress up like dinosaurs.
On Friday night, Dian, a couple of his friends and I went out to see the fire show. There is currently a week of puppetry in Sofia, and this was the first show that I saw. 

God, I love when the happy one starts skipping rope. Too awesome. On Saturday I went to another show. This one had dinosaurs. It was fantastic. I kept thinking of Ben Lynch, my best friend from college, and how one of the few words he knows in sign language is dinosaur. I'll let the video speak for itself. 

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