Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting Your Future Told In Korea

Walk around certain parts of Seoul and you will see areas devoted to 사주, which is a type of fortune telling based on the Chinese astrology. Although I don't believe in fortune tellers whatsoever, I've always wanted to try. Yesterday, I had a chance. After a delicious meal in 피맛골, a friend and I stopped into a 사주 tent near Insadong and had our fortunes told.
After asking for my birthday, the woman started scribbling out all of these Chinese characters. In about five minutes, she started analyzing my fortune. Luckily, I was with a Korean friend, because she was talking quickly and using vocabulary words that I didn't know. This is what I was told (note, these are things that are characteristics of my personality/energy and not necessarily what the future has to hold)

  • I have strong leadership qualities.
  • I don't like when other people boss me around.
  • I am always on the move (whether that is physically or mentally)
  • I could be interested in decorating --> this led her to saying a plastic surgeon would be a good job
  • I have some sort of energy that attracts people (what was it called...)
  • I have a lot of wood in me (4), while only one each of fire, water, and earth. I have no metal inside of me.
  • I need to meet someone with a lot of metal so they can knock me over and get into my heart. (The person I went with happened to have a lot of metal ... bum bum bum)
  • I'm not very careful with my money. I should watch it more carefully.
  • I might have some respiratory problems
Yeah, I still don't believe in fortune telling. Even though some of these traits match, I could read into any trait and be like, oh yeah, that partly applies to me in these situations.  Still, it was a cheap experience so I guess it was worth it. 15,000 won for two people. 

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