Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Full Weekend in Seoul ^^

This past weekend was pretty grand. Kaleigh had her going away party on Friday. That meant makkeoli and food in Gangnam. Many of Kaleigh's friends showed up, including some people who I had never met before. Always good to meet new people, right? A lot of the party continued at Octagon (a really fancy club south of the river) but I ended up going to noraebang with a smaller group.
On Saturday, I spent the day volunteering for a sports festival being thrown by the Deaf association. I think they probably just wanted to have a token 외국인 (foreigner). I spent the start of the day greeting participants, After lunch, I worked pretty much as a cheerleader trying to get my team (TEAM BLUE!) to win the very variety-show style games.

After the festival, the volunteers all went out together for some budaejjigae. This soup originated during the Korean war when a hungry country would make use of excess food supplies in military bases (like hot dogs and spam), throw it together with broth and red pepper and any other ingredient they could fine. The result is surprisingly palatable, though I would never head to a budaejjigae restaurant if I had the choice.

The weather was glorious Saturday evening, so I decided to walk from dinner (near 용마산역) to my friend's housewarming party (near 청량리역). The walk was probably just around an hour and quite worth it. Look at these cloud formations over northeastern Seoul!

The housewarming party, thrown by my fabulous friend Magaly, was a great time with some wonderful people. Life is nice when you like the people you surround yourself with.
It also helps when your friends are so good looking
Sunday morning started with a breakfast back home in Haebangchon (HBC). C and I made a delicious breakfast from our home country: eggs, bacon and pancakes. ^^
More attractive people
After a coffee (and a terrace beer) with some of my favorite boys in Seoul, C and I met up with some peeps for the 2012 Incheon Music Festival. Foreigners were able to purchase tickets for the great price of 150 won. That is about ten cents. The lineup was pretty spectacular, with the top stars being Kara, Shinee, 4 Minute, IU and BOA. There were a bunch of other artists as well (some that I had heard of). Our seats were decent, the price was perfect, and though the vocals weren't always the best, my goodness can these artists dance.

I also met someone this weekend... could be a good match for me. We'll see where that goes.
Writing about this weekend tires me out a bit. It was quite full... I would say that I'm going to take it easy this weekend but I don't want to lie; I love full weekends!

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