Monday, September 3, 2012

August's Aliments

Food wise, August was pretty spectacular. Then again, pretty much every day in Korea has at least one delicious meal.
I posted about this before, but I love 추어탕
Some sort of Korean fusion dish with seafood
Fresh squid
Cheese stuffed rice cakes
Samgyeopsal on the beach
Crazy good curry chicken salad sandwiches Kaleigh and I made
찜닭 with the minister's son
Ajjuma making us fried food
Soju is great with fried food
The meal for ancestral rites

Mackerel dinner in Suyu
Making okonomoyaki (Japanese cabbage and potato pancake)
Frying up some shrimp
Almost ready
Let's eat!
Brunch at PDS Coffee in Suyu
묵밥 (acorn jelly iced soup)

닭국수 (chicken noodle soup) near Insadong

Ddeok from my old school to my new school
New school buffet dish one

New school buffet dish two

Burger Mine's burger buffet

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