Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September's Sustenance

I had tons of great things to eat in September. That includes some amazing food in Taiwan, but that will be for a later post. Here's what kept me alive in Korea:
Cut noodles (made by hand)
 I went out with my co-workers for some delicious food- steamed minnows, followed by a surprisingly delicious spicy fish soup and then fried rice.

Soldier soup after volunteering with the Deaf Association
Catie and I make wonderful breakfasts on Sunday

Thinly sliced radishes with vegetables
 BBQ with my school and Jinnie teaching us how to make kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew) at home.

 Barley rice and sundubu jjigae (which is a soft type of tofu stew)
 Blueberry flavored makkeoli with my old co-teachers ^^
More kimchi stew with ramen noodles
 C and I have made some very American meals. Including tacos and spaghetti.

YUM YUM YUM! My favorite mackerel and spicy pork stir fry 
Eating spicy rice cake and stuffed pig intestines after our school's volleyball tournament 
 I've realized that my New Year's goal of eating twenty new cuisines is nowhere near completion. I'll have to work on that... Still, I have managed to try a lot of new Korean foods.

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