Monday, August 6, 2012

Food from July!

Since I eat too many of the same things during the week (like crazy delicious mul naengmyeon) I decided to just have a once a month look at what I've been eating. Fun, right?
Gal-maegi-sal (갈매기살) at Seo-rae Restaurant for Khalid's birthday

On the way to the mud festival... quick meal at a rest-stop

Awesome chicken and ddeok with mustard and salad

Very American style meal I made (beef and noodles with carrots)

Rose pasta in Hongdae

Refreshing pat-bing-su

Crazy chip-based kimbap my students made

This one was really gross

Great way to cool off! Watermelon fruit salad (수박화채)

Grilled chicken and cold noodles in Myeong-Dong

More iced noodles...

Kimchi jjigae, rice, and water raddish

Fried oyster pancakes

Goya eating kimchi jeon

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