Thursday, August 16, 2012

Around Samcheok

We randomly ran into a Deaf guy while on the beach. Half of our group was Deaf as well, so we of course said hi. The man and his wife owned a snack truck on the beach, and were very helpful with deciding what sites to see; he even drove us around a bit on Sunday (which was a little scary since we were in the back of the food truck).
The East Coast near Samcheok has some beautiful sites. It also has some weird things. I LOVED Jangho (장호) beach. The water was great, the rock formations were beautiful, and there were a bunch of delicious looking 회 restaurants.

I want to swim here! We didn't have time...
I also thoroughly enjoyed our dinner that we got later at the Imwon Fish Center. We order flat fish, 우럭 (whatever that is) and raw squid. It was served with onions, red pepper paste, and lettuce. 맛있어요!

임원회 센터

There were also some not so beautiful things. Like Haeshindang Park (해신당 공원). Located south of the city proper, this park is one of Korea's surprisingly numerous parks devoted to sex. Haeshindang is particularly all about the penis. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

The expo town in Samcheok was also really unimpressive. It was built back in 2002, and the cave exhibit was quite laughable. If I was a kid, I would have probably found it enjoyable. I definitely do not recommend the expo...
Scary cave monster
I'd imagine seeing all of these things would have been quite difficult without a car, but I do want to go back. Anyone want to stay on Jangho beach for a weekend with me next summer? 

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