Thursday, August 16, 2012

Enjoying Andong

The last leg of our trip started out with just Kaleigh and me, but we met up with some Korean friends in the city. We took a beautiful train ride from Donghae to Andong (about three and a half hours) and spent the evening getting our bearings in the new city. Andong has some very traditional Korean sites, but they are all outside of the city; this is great, because the countryside surrounding Andong is beautiful.
Some memorable moments:
-Train ride into Andong with all the glorious rivers and mountains of Gangwon-Do and Gyeongbuk-Do
-Trying Andong Soju (which is more like vodka than soju)
-Meeting up with Ron, and realizing we probs should be great friends
-Eating 재사밥 (ancestral rites meal)
-Hitchhiking from Hahoe village back to Andong
-Getting a free meal from the guy that picked us up
-This meal being jjim dalk (braised chicken), which is definitely better in Andong
-Meeting some new friends (and getting to practice a lot of Korean)
-Sitting under a pagoda under a bridge when a quick, but violent, storm passed
-Enjoying all the green space
-Seeing my first Confucian Academy
-Driving around in cars

I want to be as cute as Totoro

So cute!
Hahoe Folk Village
More of the village

The river that passes by Hahoe village

Giving a wish to the 600 year old tree

Hitchhiking champions


Oh, this was pretty good too. 

At the Confucian Academy

Roof detail

I could live here ^^


A storm was coming

Ancestral Rites Rice

Right before the storm

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