Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pinch Penny Pizza: Some of the best pizza in Seoul

I would feel bad if I didn't share this newish pizza restaurant near Mia Samgeori (미아 삼거리) on line 4. Like many good things, it was a random find. I was with three good friends looking for brunch, but our place was closed. After awkwardly asking a convenience store where to find pizza (I said "피자어디예요?" which literally means "where is pizza?"), we came upon this New York style pizza joint.

It's great. And cheap. The 15,000 won 18-incher definitely fed all four of us and you can get sodas for 900 won. With free refills. What sets this pan crust pizza apart is their great sauce and perfectly cooked cheese. It's a bit oily, but that 'Oh, this tastes like what I'm used to' oily flavor.

Unfortunately, they don't deliver. It is a relatively new establishment, so hopefully they'll start delivering in the near future. They also have hot dogs and you can buy single slices. 나이스
Now, here is the tricky part... directions. If you go out of exit 2 at Mia Samgeori you will see a Macdonalds on your left. Walk behind the Macdonalds to the Angel in Us Coffee. Take a right down this alley:

Walk through the alley and past this biking guy if you are lucky.

 The road will kind of veer to the left, but keep going. You'll see Pinch Penny Pizza on your left. Yay! ^^
Phone number: 02 988 7475

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