Sunday, July 1, 2012

MV Monday: Love is Energy

Today's K-pop song is just a catchy, up-beat tune from Chi Chi.

I love these music videos with the English and Korean subtitles. ^^

This is a good summer hit and will be fun to hear in the clubs. Then again, it is a bit repetitious. I got it. Love is energy. In your heart. But that's what makes songs catchy, huh? Their relationship with this (assumed) guy is a little strange. He has all these secrets, he doesn't return your calls, he doesn't understand how you feel, yet you know you'll be in love forever. If only it were that simple.

The dance is basic and fun; the hand dance above the head has to be my favorite part. Super cute. I don't like the dub-step bridge, though, or the dance during the bridge. It just didn't fit into the song. Even though these dub-step sounds are getting big in pop music, it doesn't work for me. After the bridge, the key change is also really awkward. 

I'm probably not going to download this song, but I'll be happy to dance to it in the clubs or when it is playing in the streets.

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