Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday Night in Suyu

What started out as a group of Suyu people having some jello shots and beer turned into a very Korean party at my place last Friday. Magaly brought up the idea of having jello shots, and C ended up making them. They looked glorious:
We made them with paeksaeju, which is a very weak sweet tasting alcohol; they were much better than the shots I made for BH's b-day party, which were made with Chinese fire water. C also prepared a watermelon with Korean rum and soju. It was quite strong, but it was eaten.
C looking cute with a melon
As I mentioned earlier, on Friday I went out for dog meat. I brought some of that back and it was one of our snacks we had with our drinks. When BH got off of work and came to the party at around 11, he brought along some squids and octopuses. Alive. So he let me try chopping them up and we had live octopus. 

Apparently, I didn't do the best job. However, it was fun to handle octopus for the first time. After watching BH do it masterfully, I think I'll be able to do a better job next time.

Live squid, live octopus, and dog meat with a bunch of Korean alcohol. All we need is noraebang. 

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