Monday, July 9, 2012

MV Monday: Younha's Run

I love this new song: Run by Younha (고윤하). Sure, it is kind of just another love song, but check out the music video.

The cinematography is great. Add in ET and a whale and how could you not love this video?

This is the first single I've heard from Younha. Apparently she is really popular in Japan, where her songs have been used in animes and dramas (this video looks a lot like something you would see in Japanese animation, doesn't it?).

Her newest album, Supersonic, was released last week (July 3rd). Something about this song isn't as K-poppy, and I love that. Many of her other songs are slower ballads, nice in their own way, but she also has some rockier and jazzier tracks. I'll be keeping an eye on her for sure. 

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