Saturday, January 15, 2011


Walking to Starbucks the other day, I bumped into this guy in a full business suit. He tried to ask me for directions or something in Bulgarian, but I didn't really understand what he was saying. He switched to English, and in the normal fashion asked what I was doing in Sofia and whether or not I liked it. After a quick chat and comment about how crazy Bulgarian politics are, he gave me the following card, just in case I was interested:
**** PERFECT ******
Would you like a pretty
girl for pleasure at a place
convenient for you ?
per 1 hour - 50 EUR
per night - 180 EUR

The back of the card had a picture of a woman, asking if I wanted a top model at my place. Crazy. Living in Eastern Europe, I guess you kind of get used to this. The other day, I was walking home from the bus station, and a woman asked me something in Bulgarian. I asked her to repeat, and she, in English, said 'saxophone sex'. I'm not really sure what that means... I'm curious if this happens to most of the guys living in Sofia. Hopefully I don't look like I'm stalking the streets for a night walker.

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