Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dreaming Politics

Last night, I had an incredibly vivid and odd dream. I was the host of the Bulgarian parliament in my apartment. Only 14 MPs showed up, but it didn't matter. According to the National Assemblies constitution, we could still get on with our legislation. Perez Hilton, or maybe Azis, was the chairman of parliament, and we started our debate on the first item on the agenda: wiretapping. (Right now, there is a huge Bulgarian scandal, nicknamed tapegate, that involves the Prime Minister and his phone conversations with various people)
Anyways, after discussing the pros and cons of spying on other MPs, we got on to the second issue. Suddenly, the minister of finance declared his resignation. There was an uproar. Instead of appointing a new minister, we had this ridiculous conversation about our next paycheck. How could we get money without our finance minister? Perez Hilton was furious. I was busy getting everybody drinks.
I woke up confused and amused. Bulgarian politics are invading my dreams now. Wonderful.

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