Tuesday, January 11, 2011

K and A in Sofia

Two great friends who I originally met in Thailand back in '09 came to visit me in Sofia this past weekend. They are both English teachers in Turkey, so of course they had to visit their neighbor! After visiting them in the glory that is Istanbul, I felt a little self-conscious about Sofia. This city is not beautiful. It does have its charms though.
Like Show Bar: No Limit. I have never been to a show bar before, but thought it would be a fun adventure. We walked in to see a bunch of girls dancing away on the bar. Not working, just drinking too much. This is a male show bar, so when no guys were dancing with my friends, I asked the waitress where the men were. She told me to wait a minute, and before I knew it, some sparingly dressed men were grinding with K! Too fun.
K and BH
 Of course, there are limits to seeing men in g-strings. We decided to move on to a rock'n'roll club that some Bulgarians had introduced me to a week earlier. The music is all 1990s, and it feels like stepping into a time machine. Great place for people watching.
The next day, we did the whole Sofia tour. This is a really short tour. Unfortunately, Sofia, although a decent place to live, is not aesthetically pleasing. We saw what we saw, including a Dali exhibit at the National Museum of Foreign Art, and then retired for the evening.
To round off their short tour of Bulgaria, we headed out of the city for a day trip to a little monastery. Up in the mountains, it was really a nice setting for a monastery, and a nice way to balance our debauchery with some culture.
St. George... the only saint I ever recognize

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