Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bulgarian MPs Enjoy Dirty Sex Jokes On Top of Homosexual Claims

Since I'm studying Bulgarian politics, I try to keep up with domestic news. Sometimes it just kills me. Like this news story. (from novinite.com)


A Bulgarian MP has admitted that his claims that he had been raped by a female colleague were a joke.
Emil Vasilev, a MP from the marginal conservative party RZS (Order, Law, Justice), which has been tangled in a bitter mudslinging exchange with the ruling party GERB, sent a letter to the media Saturday claiming that Iskra Fidosova, the Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Group of the ruling center-right party GERB, raped him on October 22, in the men's restroom in the Parliament.
"I was brutally raped by Fidosova in the men's room. There is one cracked tile, and one of the sinks is unsteady as a result," Vasilev wrote threatening to appeal the case to the Prosecutor's Office and the unit for fighting organized crime.
The rape accusation was in the final paragraph of a long letter in which Vasilev refutes all claims that the leader of the RZS party Yane Yanev is homosexual.
Yanev has been accused publicly a number of times of being a homosexual by various persons, the latest case being of a former coordinator of his party, who even accused Yanev of sexual harassment. As early as the fall of 2009, the leader of the nationalist party Ataka Volen Siderov said Yanev must come out because his "secret" made him dependent and a potential victim of blackmail. Yanev's response was that Siderov should bring him his wife to check if he really was gay.
The letter, which was sent to the media from Vasilev's parliamentary email account, contains a long statement claiming that the ruling party GERB has had several plots to present Yanev as a homosexual to the public.
On Sunday, Vasilev said that he was not the actual author of the letter but that he liked it and backed it. He further stated that the accusations that Fidosova raped him were untrue and must be viewed with a sense of humor.
"As far as I understand Mrs. Fidosova is alive and well. If she had really raped me, my wife would have liquidated her by now," Vasilev said as cited by BGNES.
With respect to a recent incident, in which he allegedly hit the other Co-Chair of the GERB party group Krasimir Velchev in the parliamentary cafeteria, while Velchev was eating, Vasilev said that both co-chairs were interested in him.
"Velchev wants to fight me, while Fidosova wants other things...," he said winking.
Vasilev accused the media of succumbing to yellow journalism by publishing all the claims that his party's leader Yanev is homosexual at a moment when the RZS party accused the Interior Minister from GERB, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, of money laundering and secret ties with other political parties.
"I can assure you that Yanev has had a girlfriend for 5 years, and they have "spent" many nights togeher in his home. In the past 11 years I have never seen Yanev in any kind of homosexual situation," he said.


Joking about man rape in parliament? Ridiculous. Great way to cover up someone's homosexuality. 

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