Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Day in the Philippines: the Beach and Clark Airport

Catie is amazing to travel with. We took a bus from Banaue back to Manila only to take another bus to the Subic Bay area for some beach time. Even though this meant a second night of hardly any sleep in a row, my travel buddy had such a positive attitude. Since we were exhausted, however, we spent the day on the beach reading. It was a lovely beach and I'm sure in the summer it was quite popular. In February, however, we were practically alone.

If our day was relaxing, our night was anything but. We had to fly out at 6:30 AM from Clark Airport which is near Angeles City (about an hour north of Manila). We arrived there to find the grungiest and seediest place I've ever been to in my life. Clark was once an American air force base so prostitution was, and still is, quite rampant. With the soldiers gone, however, the DOMs (dirty old men) came out to play. Every bar was a strip bar, and all the couples were old, old men and beautiful young women. I guess if both the man and woman are happy with what they are getting I shouldn't complain, but it was just not the best place for Catie and I; we definitely stood out. We were the youngest travelers there by far, and Catie was the only foreign woman. We still wanted a good time, however, so we spent the night at a karaoke bar, drank a few beers, and slowly became more and more confident with out singing abilities. I wouldn't recommend going to Angeles to anybody unless they need to fly out of the airport early in the morning. Or if you are a DOM.

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