Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Deaf Party in Manila

Catie and I didn't head out of Manila as quickly as we originally planned because we were invited to a Deaf party that a Gallaudet University student had prepared. The food was great and we had a good time playing a dice/gambling game for nickels and dimes. Our hosts were wonderful and from my experience I have to say that Filipino families are amazingly warmhearted.
Part of the meal included balot, which is a fertilized duck egg. It doesn't sound that appealing, right? It really doesn't taste that great either. I imagine if you ate it often you might come to like it, but its ghastly appearance and awkward texture (the duck by this time has formed feathers) makes for a not so delicious meal.
What a good guest
The party lasted until the afternoon and we ended up just driving around in the car for a while before buying tickets to our next destination. The last dinner in Manila was at a cute Chinese restaurant (getting ready for Hong Kong!). Manila has a pretty large Chinese population, and their Chinatown is pretty decent. It reminded me, oddly, of Boston, which has a pretty decent and fun Chinatown. Why isn't there one in Seoul!

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