Thursday, February 9, 2012

Haemuljeon at Hoegi Station

One of the best parts of this city are all the neighborhoods and particularly neighborhoods known for a particular food. Located near Kyunghee University, Hoegi station has bars and restaurants that could please any traveler, but the jeon food alley is what really makes it worth the trip.
Jeon is a Korean dish going back to the Joseon dynasty made with flour batter and various vegetables or seafood and then pan-fried. Bindedeok, pajeon, hwajeon and kimchijeon are all very popular jeons in Korea. We decided to get haemuljon, which is made with seafood.The meal came as a set, and we also had braised chicken, ddeokbokki, and a grilled filet of mackerel. 맛있어요! The best part is that this food alley is right next to the university so it was quite reasonably priced. Our entire meal with drinks came to 7,000 won a person. Not to shabby.

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