Friday, January 27, 2012

BHs birthday

Happy birthday BH! For his thirty third birth day ㅡ man he is old ㅡ I made him an American breakfast. Eggs, bacon, and pancakes!
I tried to throw him a surprise birthday but I accidentally left my facebook open. I am such a 바보 (fool). I still prepared for the party in a very teenager way with bowls of chips and cookies and bottles of soda and beer. In order to get a surprise out of BH all of his friends hid in the bathroom when he got home. When he came home to a room full of my friends you could see the disappointment in his face. When his friends popped out of the bathroom with ice cream cake the party really started!
I was being quite the host(ess) at the party so I didn't take much pictures. Will and Katrina look great though and I love the sleeping arrangement made by those that  spent the night

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