Sunday, July 10, 2011

Split, Croatia

Of all the towns on the Adriatic Coast, I was looking forward to Split the most. Sometimes, you look into these guidebooks and there is a great picture or a particularly well-written sentence and it makes you want to visit a specific place. The way Lonely Planet described Split, specifically Diocletian’s Palace, gave me pretty high expectations. Don’t get me wrong— Split is beautiful and the Diocletian’s Palace is gorgeous. It just didn’t live up to its hype. The city itself, outside the Roman palace, was pretty industrial, big, and lacking some of the Adriatic charm we saw in Zadar. However, it is definitely worth a day or two to see the old town and soak up some of the city’s character.
Diocletian's Palace

The money was pretty funny

Our campsite in Stobrich, however, was great. Although seven kilometers from the old town, it was right on the beach. The water wasn’t as clear as in Zadar, but there was a high dive and a big bouncy inflatable. Katy and I swam out to jump around, but some punk was charging a dollar to jump on the trampoline. Who swims with kuna in their pockets?!? Luckily, Katy and I are ninjas and we swam out late at night to silently and secretly jump around. BH even got a sweet shot of me diving into the Adriatic. 
You can see me smiling

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