Saturday, July 2, 2011

Burano, Venice

Venice was beautiful, but really touristy, so we wanted to see something else on our second day. Murano is famous for glass, while Burano is famous for its lace. For me, neither of these is a compelling reason to visit, but Burano was apparently really colorful. We grabbed a boat and took a forty-minute trip to the lovely island of Burano.

With all of these colorful facades, how could we not do a photo shoot? BH and I tried to portray the emotions of the brilliants colors.
Cool Yellow

Steely Grey

We finished the evening with our first real Italian dinner. BH got a pizza, which he described as better than Domino’s. Thank God! My pasta was delicious ­— spaghetti, seafood, and olive oil. We also had fried calamari and a liter of red wine. Yum. With such magnificent food, it is perhaps good that I didn’t spend a year here… I would definitely have become portly. 

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