Monday, June 13, 2011

Heading North to Aheloy and Nesebar

Sunday morning was a slow start. We checked out, got some pizza (we’ve been eating a lot of pizza on the Black Sea) and then took a bus to Burgas. Once we got there, we changed to a different bus to go up north near Nesebar. If you are ever traveling in southern Bulgaria on the Black Sea, use the buses. They are cheap, run pretty often, and stop where you need to stop! We got to Aheloy and went to Complex Lozena: Camping Aheloy. I would definitely recommend this camp spot. It is right on the water and they have these sweet bungalows. For ten leva a person, you can stay in these pods that come in all sorts of colors and fall asleep to the sound of the Black Sea. Чудесно.
Sleeping in UFOs

We spent the evening in the old city of Nesebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built on a peninsula in the Black Sea, Nesebar has been inhabited since antiquity. At the entrance to Nesebar, you see this giant windmill:
Nesebar is known for the 19th century wooden houses as well as the large number of churches built under the Byzantine, Bulgarian, and Ottoman rule. Nowadays, it is a little overrun with tourists, but it was great to just walk around the small streets and people watch. 
Church of Christ Pantocator

Detail of one of the churches
Wooden houses of Nesebar

For dinner, we had beer and цаца (tsatsa), which in English maybe translates to skad. We also had something that they translated into English as wolfish. This is what Wikipedia says a wolfish is:

And this is what we ate:
Less scary
So I’m not sure what we actually ate, but it was fine. The цаца were particularly delicious. After dinner, we headed back to our Bungalows and spent a nice night in comfortable beds.

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